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文献複写・貸借/InterLibrary Loan(KUIS図書館にない本や論文を取寄せる): Home

文献複写・貸借/ Interlibrary Loan


  • 論文・雑誌記事など文献のコピーを取り寄せる (申込みはこちら
  • 本を取り寄せる(借りる) (申込みはこちら
  • 他の図書館を訪問する (申込みはこちら



  • 手続きは、原則利用者本人が行ってください。
  • 先方の都合などにより、ご希望に沿えない場合があります。
  • 到着したら、KUISメールでご連絡します。KUIS図書館でお受け取りください。

You can obtain materials from other university libraries through KUIS Library when the necessary materials are not available in KUIS Library.

  • Photocopies (Application is HERE
  • Borrowing books (Application is HERE
  • Visit other libraries Fill out the application form, and submit it to the Support desk at KUIS library.

About the costs
From Oct 1st, 2019, copying and borrowing materials costs will be borne by KUIS library  (For full-time faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students)


  • In principle, the procedure should be completed by the user himself/herself.
  • Please note that we may not be able to meet your request due to circumstances of other libraries. 
  • You will be informed via KUIS mail when the materials arrive at KUIS Library.

Contact Us

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