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図書の購入について Faculty Requested Books


 ①「指定図書」   授業に関する必読書(禁帯出) 

 ②「授業関連図書」 :授業の参考となる図書(参考文献、副読本など。帯出可) 



The library accepts the purchase of the following books from faculty members.

 1.Reserved books: Required reading books related to the class(Non-circulating materials)

 2. Class-Related Books: Books that will be used as reference for the class (reference literature, supplementary reading, etc.) (circulating materials)

 3.Recommended Books for Students: Books that students should read widely(circulating materials)


■お申込み方法 / How to apply

  Please fill out the respective application form and send it to the following e-mail address.



■配架までの時間(目安)/ Arrival time

  和書:約2週間 / Japanese books : about 2 weeks

  洋書:約3~4週間 / foreign books : about 3-4 weeks



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